Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bounce dryer bar - for the laziest of lazy laundry doers

I hate laundry. It takes forever to do - especially with our rhino piss water clogging the pipes. We are unable to wear whites in our house without extreme chemical intervention. It sucks all around.

I try anything that promises to make laundry be less torturous.

Although I thought it sounded gimmicky - I bought the Bounce Dryer Bar.

Bounce Dryer Bar- Outdoor Fresh 4-month, 2-count Box [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]Why?

Because I use dryer sheets A LOT - but hate the disposal process. Sometimes the sheets stay in the dryer, other times they are wadded up in shirts or sheets or towels.  They end up everywhere but the trash.

It's a trivial, but annoying issue.

That is why the Bounce Dryer Bar piqued my interest.

The bar itself feels like a bar of soap.  With each pass, contact is made with the clothes. I've seen no negatives related to residue or chipping off.  I was leery of both when I installed the bar.

With the dryer bar, you can literally forget a step when it comes to laundry! Clothes come out fresh and static-free (and with the winters in the Midwest, we need all the static-freeness we can get!).

It is a fantastic product that performs up to its promise. The bar we have has lasted much longer than expected - somewhere around 5 months! (But we do laundry for two adults and a baby - I'm sure a house full of sports playing teenagers would see a significant difference in the longevity of their bar).

All in all, it is a good product.  I recommend picking one up and doing away with the sheets.

Now, I just need something that gets rid of the dryer lint for me, and I'll be all set!

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