Monday, August 23, 2010

Gillette Venus - Forever Yours

Shaving has always been a dance on the dangerous side for me. Between (once) bony knees and ankles, thick leg hair (thanks 80s for your tight roll making me need to shave daily when I'm in fifth grade) and lack of time EVER to do a nice slow job - I was the perpetual nicker.

I have a stand-only shower - which prevents the sexy leg-up-on-the-side-of-the-tub action and forces more of the hike-your-leg-up-and-brace-it-against-the-shower-wall-but-please-don't-let-me-slip action. It was especially seductive when I was 8 months pregnant.

I'll pause so you can really imagine that...

Oh, and the cute, scenty, alcohol-based body sprays and lotions used to alert me of the nicks that weren't a threat for me to bleed out.

That is, until I met Gillette. Gillette has ruined me for razors for all time, namely their Venus 3-blade razor.

Quick shaves - no foam, no bubbles, no soap, no cream - just rip-roarin' shaving. With Venus, I still have NO NICKS.

The Venus lets me shave while thinking about things other than toilet paper and tourniquets. And I love that. I can use it WELL beyond the time when the green stripe turns white. Each head works seemingly FOREVER!

Have I strayed from Gillette?

Unfortunately, Yes.

I was intrigued by the commercials touting the razor with the trimmer on the end. You know, the one that as women walk by the unkempt topiaries, they trim up all nice and neat into circles and triangles and rectangles (oh my!).

I was perfectly happy with my razor, but the ad got me. I was curious. So, I was wondering the isles at the store and stumbled upon the Schick Quatro.

As I picked dropped it in my cart - I said to myself "you're buying a gimmick, you're buying a gimmick." Shut up, Self!

I went home, in need of a trim...

Now, if you see an advertisement for a razor that implies trimming shrubs - you wouldn't be too far off in assuming that you would be able to trim your, uh, bush.

Apparently, YES, because it bogged down and stopped. The bastard got locked up - AND IT WASN'T EVEN WINTER. Suck it, Schick!

I have also used disposables during my travels when I've made the fatal mistake of leaving my Venus at home. Any time I use a disposable -- even one that looks like a good, happy disposable (Read: Personna Solara) I get CUT TO PIECES!!

In short, my Venus has new replacement heads in it's cute little shower caddy. It forgave me for straying and for forgetting it when I went on vacation.

Lessons learned.

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