Monday, August 23, 2010

If you have to pad - use Always Infinity

Let me start off by saying -- I HATE PADS.

I'm a tampon girl - 175%.

Unfortunately, due to a certain explode-a-birth I gave nearly a year ago, tampon usage is still a no-go. Yes, I'm shocked too. It blows.

Anyway, I'm relegated to pads. Bunchy, crunchy, sticky, wet pads.


Because I have literally HATED every pad I have ever used in the history of time - when I realized that I was going to HAVE to use some, I decided to try a new kind.

Why the hell not.

I chose Always Infinity.
I had not seen (nor believe I have since seen) a commercial for these - but HOLY FREAKIN' HELL they are fantastic!

No bunching, twisting, sliding, schmearing.


They work.

It's all still a gross, gaggy process, but it does what it is supposed to do without fail.

I'm sold (still disappointed about the tampon thing), but I'm sold.

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