Monday, August 23, 2010

Fruit Chillers - the BEST alternative to frozen colored sugar water

In the endless quest to find healthy food to feed my 11 month old daughter, I was spending quite a bit of time in the canned fruit isle. I love to buy the fruit cups - light syrup, NOT sugar-free Splenda - to dump on her high chair tray as I fix dinner. It's quick and easy.

While perusing my citrusy options, I noticed that quietly sitting beside the mandarin oranges and diced peaches were boxes of freezer pops.

Del Monte Fruit Chiller Tubes, to be exact. (These come in cups as well, but I have not tried them.)
I grab a box.

"Made from 1lb of Fruit" "Rich source of Vitamin C. No Artificial Flavors. No corn syrup." Huh.

Flip. box. over.

FACT: 1 Tube is 55 Calories and 0g Fat. 10mg Sodium. 13g carbs. 11g of sugar.

(Granted, the no-name sugar-water pops in my freezer now have only 5 calories more per serving and 13g of sugar. BUT this is made from real fruit - so I'm convinced that the sugars in this are fairy dust sugars that your body recognizes as ones from fruit -- and they just tickle your tummy and are burned off by the resulting giggles)

ANYWAY - they're not a substitute for REAL fruit, but they're a yummy, satisfying treat on a hot summer day.

You throw the box in the freezer, and they come out about the texture of a frozen margarita.

They come in grape and strawberry flavors. My lips are a luscious purpley shade right now because I needed the box to give you facts.

FACT: These things are fantastic!

(P.S. Del Monte - if you could drop a few bits of tequila in these and market them for adults only - you'd make a killing. Just sayin'.)

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