Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mustela newborn shampoo - for cradle cap

Last October, I brought home the cutest, sweetest, cooiest baby in the world of babydom. She was perfect in all ways tangible and intangible.

Except her bellybutton.

I wanted to badly to WANT to kiss her belly...but *double gag* the belly *gag* button was too much.

Anyway, perfection.

About a month into our love affair, her head started to get this peely, crusty ick on it.

Cradle cap.

I'd never even heard the term, and my baby's barely-there blonde hair was mired in scales!


Commence internet search.

I read review after review. I wanted to not use something oily or greasy OR have to chip and scrape at her poor, tender scalp.

Ok, her fontanel creeped me out, and I thought by innocently chipping away scalp flakes - I might accidentally touch/swipe/puncture her head and give her brain damage.

I purchased the positively reviewed Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns.

The fragrance of this shampoo was a tad overwhelming (for momma and baby) the first few times we used it.

But it worked. It worked WELL.

It took a few applications, but the cradle cap subsided.

I would use it about once a week to keep the scales at bay.

Now, I long for the smell I associate with my little newborn. I must admit, although the cradle cap is long gone, I still use the shampoo every now and then just to give her that fresh new-baby smell.

She doesn't like me sniffing her head repeatedly. I have to bribe her with a bottle or a snack, so she'll cuddle in my lap to grab a whiff of babiness.

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