Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nipple Butter (heh) Nipple Butter

Sweet heavens! Pregnancy (and now motherhood) is an endless investigation of what's the best product for every need EVER.

I had ONE product recommended to me to purchase BY NAME to have before I had my baby.


Now, I'll share it with you.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter


It's so fun to say! I would post things on Facebook like "Purchased nipple butter today...never thought I'd say that."

The men with whom I graduated high school were intrigued and deeply disappointed (and cringed) when I told them it was to prevent my nipples from cracking when I breastfeed.

This stuff is fantastic.

It exceeds - by leaps and bounds - the Lansinoh product the hospital had given me (and probably charged me an arm and a leg to bring home to never use). I didn't appreciate the water that would bead up on my boobs when I showered. The water-repulsion just didn't seem right. PLUS, applying the thick, gluey stuff was painful on tender, newly commissioned boobs.

Rather than being sticky and thick (and made from lanolin), nipple butter is smooth, cocoa-scented, lanolin-free, and water-based. I was SO happy to come home to use the nipple butter I had purchased during pregnancy (and forgotten to pack in my hospital bag).

The nipple butter was great. Soft, easily applied. No need to wash it off before nursing.

I recommend purchasing a single 2 oz jar. It is kind of pricey for the size jar you'll receive - but I only used half of my one jar for 10 months of breastfeeding.

Buy it. Love it. Recommend it.

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