Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boob diapers (aka Breast Pads)

An unfortunate to breastfeeding is that there are times when the breasts are ready when the baby is not.

I chose disposable boob diapers, er, nursing pads because I suck at getting laundry done in a timely manner. The idea of sour milk laden pads in the hamper is not pretty.


I chose disposable.

My favorite - bar none - were Lansinoh nursing pads.

Granted, Lansinoh failed me when it came to nipple cream, but I tried several brands of breast pad - and Lansinoh beat the competition.

I was given half-used boxes of several brands to try.

Lansinoh pads were the largest, least lumpy, flattest laying, most absorbent, pads that actually stayed put.

These are the only pads I went to the store and bought.

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  1. I heart Lansinoh breast pads as well. I've tried 150million brands and they are far and away the best.


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