Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I am not a plumber, don't want to look like one...

I don't plan on doing much with clothes on here.

And by plan, I mean if I see something I like or hate, I'll still do it.

My issue (ok, one of my many issues) is that I can't get jeans to fit.

I've always had a bit of junk in the trunk - and post-baby hasn't improved that situation. My waist used to be fairly slender (not so much anymore), so my curves made it VERY difficult to find a decent pair of jeans.

Either I crammed my ass into jeans that fit my waist (and I didn't sit that day) or I fit my butt and had my crack out for everyone to see.

Back in the day, a little T-bar/ass hat tattoo was cute, but now the stretch marks just make the idea entirely too unappealing for me to attempt.

I spent the summer in cute-yet-elastic-waisted pants and shorts. This was a mistake.

I went up a jeans size without knowing it. (yikes!)

Commence shopping - but not the fun "woohoo, check out my ass in these jeans shopping" the "damn, really, do I need to buy that size jean" shopping.

It wasn't great, but I need a pair of jeans that don't make me look desperate or ones that maybe, just maybe, could lose a rivet and kill somebody.

I bought these:

Lee Midrise No-Gap Waist Bootcut jeans. They are the right size for both my ass and my waist. I can bend and crouch and do other wonky mirror moves without so much as a peek at my crack!

Yes, they are a size up from where I was (and 2 up from where I'd like to be), but they fit. I feel good and even a smidge hot in them. They aren't the electric blue that I used to associate with Lee, and I'm good with that too!

Thanks, Lee, for making my feel good about being me again! It's been a long time coming!

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