Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A little dab will do ya - Berber Trader Pure Mediterranean Skin Balm

Berber Trader contacted me recently to review their Pure Mediterranean Skin Balm.

They provided the product free of charge ($15 retail value) for my use.

Super excited by the prospect of writing a solicited review, I cracked the tin sitting in my car beside my mailbox.

Eager beaver.

The first impression was strong - the aroma of the skin balm is unique.  Being unfamiliar with argan oil and black seed oil, I'm not sure which is the scent that carries this product.

In all honesty, the smell reminds me of my Macedonian neighbor's house from my childhood.  Not necessarily bad, not necessarily good, just different.

I've used the skin balm in several different instances, and am currently covered nearly head to toe as I type.

Upon my first application, I slathered my hands with it.  Goo-ed it up!

My mistake!  I seriously was repelling water from the layer of oil I had applied to my hands and arms!

Since that evening of waterproof skin, I've reeled back the amount I put on my skin.  I also read the website's suggestion of applying to wet skin.  Both actions have upped the product's yay-factor by 20 fold!

Being that my face is naturally oily, it's summer, and I fear applying fragrant products to my face - I was leery about using his product on the money maker (ha!).  Like a trooper, I applied a LIGHT coat on my face.

The verdict??

My lips are jealous!  My face is so smooth and soft right now that my lips feel especially crackly.  My face, while sporting a sheen that I'll wash off if it remains in the morning, is spa soft!

I look forward to the opportunity to share this product's magic with friends suffering from poison ivy reactions (not promising that it will work, but who knows?).  Also, I REALLY want to see how well it repels mosquitoes.  Of course, in the week that I've had the product I've not seen a SINGLE mosquito on my property - which is known for the summer hum of those buggers.

I'm glad this product found me, as I will definitely be using it as winter approaches!!

Now, where's my lip balm??

P.S. I am totally accustomed to the smell of the skin balm now, and have come to find it warm and soothing (when used in small doses!).

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